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"I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all year." ~ Charles Dickens

Monday, December 19, 2011

A-Z of Christmas ~ "U"

Welcome back to another A-Z of Christmas. Today we're doing the letter....

is for...
Under the Christmas Tree.

The custom for a beautifully decorated fir tree encircled by piles of presents was introduced by Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert, who had both experienced the tradition as children.

Source Internet

The origins are thought to date back to the legend of Thor, when St. Boniface cut down the sacred tree of the god, in the German town of Geismar, and replaced it with a fir tree. This practice was repeated each year and the custom evolved as part of the Christmas traditions, beginning with a tree in each town decorated with garlands and later candles, to the popular practice of today bringing a fir tree indoors and adorning it with baubles and twinkling lights. The tree is now a focus of Christmas morning as children excitedly discover what Father Christmas has delivered. {Excerpt from "An English Christmas, a 2011 supplement of English Home magazine}

Underneath my tree you will find my collection of dolls and teddy bears as well as a rocking horse or two which wait patiently before the gifts are placed underneath its branches.

Please join me tomorrow for the letter V.

Keeping Christmas in my heart all year long ~ Sandi


  1. This blog is so delightful! It's just gorgeous, and I love Christmas too and want to keep it all year! Thank you for sharing all the beautiful photos and the sweet vintage images and inspirational sayings and verses! It gave me much pleasure, and comfort! This will be my place to come often, and if I should need a reminder of my commitment to have a spirit of Christmas every day, and if I should want to see the beauty of the home that is filled with love, as yours is! Have a joyous Christmas! Love, Linda

  2. I love Teddy bears, so a wide smile appeared when I spied your lovely sweatered bear, under your tree. So sweet!

  3. Oh Sandi...I was wondering what you are going to use for the letter "U." Love your photos, especially that last one. Beautiful. Susan