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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Story of the Cloche and the Christmas Balls

Hubby always brings coffee home after work and we sit and talk about his day before dinner.
Last evening we were sitting in front of the fireplace with only the wreath and candles lit while we sipped on our coffee. He was exhausted after a hard day's work and hadn't even noticed that I had the wreath up over the fireplace.
So I asked him, "Well, what do you think?" He looked up and saw the candles lit and the cloche on the mantel. He commented on how nice the cloche looked!

I laughed and told him I had the wreath up! He said it was nice but he really liked the cloche filled with  Christmas balls. Isn't that just like a man!

I had gotten the pink balls a couple of days ago and they had been sitting on the kitchen table so I dumped them into a cloche and set it on the mantel just to get them out of the way! They do look pretty so I may leave them in there but set them somewhere else in the room. I haven't even started decorating the mantel yet. Anyway, I guess you know what colour scheme I'm going with in the living room this year!

"I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas..."

What colour have you chosen to decorate with this year?

I'm linking this post with Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday.
Keeping Christmas in my heart all year round~ Sandi


  1. Hi Sandi,
    Love the cloche, and your color scheme is oh so soothing. Isn't it funny, how just moving things around can create something so beautiful! I think it is charming that your Hubby brings you coffee every day. How sweet!
    Have a great day.

  2. That pink color scheme under the cloche is pretty. I use red, white and green every year.

  3. I agree with your hubby, the cloche and pink Christmas balls are beautiful!

    This year I'm planning to do my tree vintage style in full colour. I live in a house that was owned by my partner's friend's grandmother, and in a cubby closet I found all of these old school Christmas balls in all the colours of the rainbow! so I'm matching them with multicoloured lights and topping it with a foil light star. Pretty excited! But a little afraid my cat is going to knock the balls off... they are glass and definitely not shatter-proof!

    By the way, thank you for following the tea room blog, it's nice to have you!

  4. Oh so very pretty! It makes me want to change things up this year!

  5. I LOVE the cloche filled with pretty pink Christmas balls. Funny how your hubby saw it and not the wreath. I wish I had the nerve to go with my favorite color purple for the holidays. But I am old fashioned and love the reds and greens when decorating. Put my lights up tonight. The tree last night. Take care.

  6. I just adore the pink decorations! They are absolutely gorgeous. I am feeling inspired by them. ;) I'm thinking it might be a nice color for my bedroom decorations.

    I mentioned you in my most recent blog post as one of my favorite blogs!

  7. What a sweet hubby! I just love visiting you; you are so creative and I'm sure you inspire so many of us. Love the cloche, so pretty in pink! Can't wait to see the pictures of your living room! Hugs, Pam

  8. I love the idea of having a pink Christmas!

    I don't tend to stick with one them and change it every year as we have so many different types of decorations. I tend to always use red and green as I love the traditional colours...just like the colours and graphics in your blog!

    Hope you enjoy your weekend.

    Best Christmas wishes,

  9. Hi Sandi,

    I did not know until this moment that you had a Christmas blog! Haha What fun!

    I always have loved a little pink in my Christmas. Our living room is usually decked out in hues of pink, gold, silver and brown (the walls), but this year I am changing things up a bit. I have some pics of Christmas past up on my blog for now. However, I'm going more white in this room this season. There's something about pinks in this room, though, that I've always loved.

    Generally, I go with gold and silver combinations in the kitchen, cozy traditional colours in our bedroom and TV room. My 83-year old mom figures red and green are the only true Christmas colours, so the rooms I decorate in these shades are always her favourite...

    I enjoyed my visit. Thanks for the inspiration...

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  10. I love the pink theme too! I have a few pink themed decorations that I pull out every couple of years, just for something different. I also think you blog background is just gorgeous and it's snowing too! Love it! I am following just so I can come back and visit this pretty place! ~ Diane

  11. Fantastic!
    Happy Pink Saturday greetings from Holland,
    with love,

  12. You are very fortunate having a husband that enjoys just sitting by the fire, drinking coffee with his wife. So many had rather be out and about.

  13. Hi Sandi....I do that sometimes..accidentally make something look good without even thinking about it!! lol
    The pink ornaments look beautiful in that cloche..I may do that too.
    Happy Pink Saturday..xo Tami

  14. I didn't know you also had a Christmas blog....glad you do, it's wonderful I took a tour. These days not only am I decorating the house, but take a few hours and venture out to do some Christmas shopping. Each year I always seem to do the shopping last minute, pretty stressful. So far, I am doing very well....patting myself on the back! :) Diane

  15. The cloche is so pretty--I love Pink at Christmas.Sounds like a great time with your hubby.

  16. Lovely!

    Dad in Pink, have a great Thanksgiving to you all!

  17. Hello
    First may I say how festive and pretty your blog looks.I agree with your dear tired hubby the cloche is lovely. I just bought a new white tree for this years Christmas,I am pulled between blue and silver or pink...I think I've decided on, both!:)

  18. Your husband was totally correct! The cloche and the candles look fabulous. I have joined your followers list and would love to have you to join me as well. Hugs, Gayle

  19. Oh, Sandi, it just doesn't get any yummier than these pics of your beautiful decorating!! PINK is awesome always, but especially at Christmas time!

  20. Sandi,
    I too love the cloche with the pink Christmas balls!! So pretty!!

    Can't wait to see the rest of your decorations too!!